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PREX Academy Training

PREX Academy provides trainings through customizable training modules. These comprehensive, ongoing training options will provide all participants with a firm understanding of communication methods and rhetorical devices to improving your next presentation or negotiation to a total success. We help your employees to become more convincing, to assert themselves skillfully and to perform successfully – so that your ideas, projects, and products are remembered positively by the interlocutor and to achieve their goals.

PREX Academy Training

Coach: Julia Liebing

Module 1:

Negotiation- /Sales Skills

  • Develop and increase competence
  • Prepare and conduct conflict talks
  • Keep the common theme – Impart of coherent arguments

Module 2:

Sovereigns Presentation Technique

  • How to perform convincingly with your body language and voice to win people over
  • Confident and convincing body language to sell and advise successfully in the future
  • Body language: Self-perception and perception of others
  • Including preparation and realization of a successful presentation

Module 3:


  • Convince with the right choice of words
  • Analysis of the type of perception and support for the appropriate choice of words
  • Vocal sound and speech analysis through sound recordings

First Impression counts

  • Speech given to an international audience
  • Product launch
  • Customer Meeting
  • Project Presentation
  • Conflict Talks
  • Negotiations
  • etc.

Source: 7-38-55 rule by Albert Mehrabian



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T +32 472 02 57 75


T +49 2161 904 9690