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Optimizing of the entire supply chain 

The holistic procurement optimization of our clients includes not only the reduction of the "classic purchasing costs" but also the optimization of the entire supply chain of the items and services that have to be procured.This practice-proven approach based on five competency modules and ensures the sustainability of the achieved results for our customers.

 Cost Optimization Programs:

As part of our cost optimization programs ("Partner Sourcing"), we work on the defined purchasing volume with an emphasis on quick and sustainable savings through strategic supplier management. In addition, the classic procurement levers such as bundling, competition and standardization are being used. This program is flanked by accompanying activities such as the reduction of working capital, the "Low-Cost Country Sourcing" or the "Re-Design" of procurement processes. We are offering our services success fee based.

 Interim Management

For vacancies with focus on procurement, supply chain management and logistics we guarantee quick and non-bureaucratic availability of professionals on an interim basis. All our interim managers have several years of experience in consulting and in corresponding functions of well-known companies. With our interim staff we support one-time projects, during a temporary increase in workload or in case of a difficult search for the suitable candidate. Our interim employees are flexible, familiarize themselves quickly due to their experience and support you from day one. Moreover, they can always rely on the wide network experience of PrexPartners.


With our "Project Engineering", we always have your budget in mind. Our experience has shown that clients often implement solutions that are "over-engineered", "over-designed" and ultimately over budget in investment projects. Architectural and construction engineering firms are characterized primarily by their technical competence. Economic competence often comes second. In investment projects, we focus on getting the project done within budget and schedule. We offer tailor-made solutions for these customers, from entire project management to individual competence modules.

 Outsourcing of Purchasing Services:

One of the fastest growing services of PrexPartners is taking on the strategic purchasing function for companies, selected product groups or for investment projects. If it is not worthwhile to set up your own purchasing department, for example due to strategic reasons or when no own procurement project should be set up for a single investment project, PrexPartners can completely take over this function. Your strategic purchasing at PrexPartners is in experienced hands: From structuring requirements for tendering of products and services to the professional evaluation of suppliers and service providers. During our many years of cooperation, PrexPartners optimizes purchasing processes and our employees are the first point of contact for operational buyers or internal customers.

 HR (Training / Coaching / Recruiting)

Filling vacancies is increasingly a challenge due to the increasing demands on procurement. PrexPartners has a wide network of highly qualified experts for all procurement-related functions and helps in recruiting the most suitable people for your vacancies. Based on 20 years of procurement advice, PrexPartners developed tailored courses and trainings, which are focused on practical demands and helps buyers in their daily work. 

For PrexPartners education is an important building block on the road to excellent procurement. Our courses are taught by employees who always have a current view of the developments through the constant work on purchasing optimization projects and they would like to pass on their experiences and knowledge.

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