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Sustainable – Measurable – Reliable"


PrexPartners -

We optimize the performance of our clients in procurement and supply chain management

Our goal is to improve the performance of our clients in purchasing and their supply chain substantially and sustainably. Our projects are all about achieving clearly visible and measurable improvements. Our focus is to quickly identify essential problems, defining efficient levers and putting them into practice with suitable measures. The customer organization is burdened as little as possible in our projects. In addition, the acceptance of the results significantly increases.


The implementation of the solution that have been agreed will be implemented together and increases the competence of the organization, the purchasing and supply chain processes and helps the employees of our clients to develop further. In this way, we ensure the sustainability of our consulting approach in practice. Our partnership-based and fair approach not only applies the cooperation with our clients, but also to our employees.


We are convinced about our enterprising consulting approach and let be judged by our project success. For our clients, this means a risk-free decision: The compensation is based on the savings achieved.


We do not develop standard concepts, but always work client specific. We develop tailor-made solutions for every customer. Due to our many years of experience, we know both the practice in the company with all its restrictions and hurdles, but also the factors that make a project successful.



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T +32 472 02 57 75


T +49 2161 904 9690